Saturday, December 22, 2012

Heathier Christmas Cookies

Merry Countdown to Christmas!  If your house is anything like mine, these next few days are going to filled with hustle and bustle.  I unfortunately am re-buying several gifts as UPS lost them.  Luckily Amazon refunded my money, but that doesn't help with the fact that I am out gifts for several people.  Oh well, tis the season haha!  So instead of dealing with the crowds tonight I decided to focus on something much more fun and share with you all a few of my less guilt inducing holiday sweet treats.  I hope your Christmas (if you celebrate) is filled with joy, love and time with friends and family!  For those of you who do not celebrate Christmas, I hope you are enjoying this holiday season in a way that is meaningful to you and filled with loved ones.

Before I share the recipes, one disclaimer: these are healthier cookies but I do not claim they are health food.  You still shouldn't eat a whole batch unless you want to feel pretty stuffed with sugar (and if you're anything like me, a healthy dose of guilt would accompany that sugar!)  The goal of these cookies is to allow you to eat 1-2 (or maybe even 3) and still be okay :)

Skinny Magic Bars

Healthy Nutella No Bake Cookies 

Rolo Cookies  
(1 egg, sub applesauce for oil, 1/3c mini rolos mixed into batter before scooping)

 (Use hot cocoa recipe listed on the page and stir in 1/4c Andes peppermint chips)

 (cut white sugar to 1/4c, your cookies will still be plenty sweet!)

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Eating! :)

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