Saturday, January 7, 2012

T minus 36 hours...

...Until the joy that is winter break ends.  I am writing this while looking at the little clock in the lower right hand corner of my screen and cringing.  I just keep thinking I GOT NOTHING DONE IN 2 WEEKS!  Then I think, well maybe I got a little bit done.  I got to spend a lot more time with Aiden than normal, I cleaned out closets, I organized Aiden's toys, I did some laundry, I read 2 books (just for fun!)...I guess that is something.  Only thing I didn't do was all the work related things I meant to do...ooops!  And even though I realize this now, I have no intention of doing it tomorrow.

Instead, I am going to make this yummy looking recipe:

Then I am going to spend some time playing with this awesome toy:

If I am feeling ambitious I may tackle some of this:

(This picture doesn't even come close to the amount of laundry I have staring at me right now!)

My ultimate goal tomorrow is to just enjoy my last day of freedom with my little man before the start of a new semester. 

Even though it may not sound like it, truth be told, I do like my job.  I love teaching and am excited about a new semester, I just want a few more days off haha!  Oh well...

Oh, I almost forgot, had my WW meeting and I am down 4.6 pounds in 1 week yippee!!

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