Sunday, January 1, 2012

You Get Out What You Put In...or something like that

So this post was originally going to be about how proud I am that I joined Weight Watchers and am on a mission to put better food in my body, increase my energy by exercising and make some much needed lifestyle changes.  Then I realized I joined Weight Watches on New Years Eve!!  What was I thinking haha?!?!

Yesterday morning I went to my first WW meeting and came home really excited to make some changes.  As the day wore on, and I began making some snacks for the nights festivities, I realized that I may need to start my new eating habits on Sunday instead.  A and I spent the night celebrating with our amazing family and I was very glad that I wasn't counting points while eating junk food and enjoying a few glasses of what A calls "grown up juice."

Today I again had the best of intentions, but after getting to bed at 3am and waking up at 8:45 with A, we spent the day like this:

We watched a lot of movies (anything but Fresh Beat Band please!)  We ate some more junk food and we snuggled and played the whole today.

I realized that while my original goal was to work on putting better food in my body, I ended up spending these 2 days putting better food in my spirit.  I hope all of you had a safe and happy NYE celebration and that your 2012 is off to as a great a start as mine!!

As for the original mission of better food...we will start that one tomorrow and I am sure there will be a blog to follow! :)

Oh I almost forgot!  A's contribution to the idea of "getting out what you put in!"  We were having a nice quiet lunch of cheese tacos when A announces "I put taco in my nose Mommy."  He was quite pleased with himself.  I spent the next several minutes digging taco out out his nose.  I guess I get out what he puts in haha!  The joys of mommyhood!


  1. Know that you have a kindred spirit in VA committed to making SERIOUS eating habit changes!


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