Wednesday, January 4, 2012

You get out what you put in: Take 2 :)

So far I have been talking a lot about plans to make some changes and my desire to create a better me.  Well it's been about 2 weeks and some changes have begun!

1. I joined Weight Watchers: I am actually following the plan!  It has been going pretty well so far.  Granted it's only been 3 days, but I will take the small victory.

2. I am getting organized.  One thing that I constantly struggle with is organization.  So today I bought several storage bins and organized A's toys.  Cars have a bin, kitchen toys have a bin, puzzles have a bin, books have a bin, tools have a bin and everything else is in the toy box.  We will see how this one goes haha!

3. I've been exercising!  This one is part of WW, but I count it separately because it is a big deal for me!

So here I am on the road to a better me.  Now keep in mind this has all been happening over winter break from work so I am a little terrified of what will happen Monday when I go back to work.

Being that I am a mom, of course none of these things happen in isolation.  While I am working to be a better me, I am also working to be a better mom.  I have made a concerted effort to be more present in the moment with A.  I often find I get so caught up in the daily responsibilities, I forget how much fun it is just to play with him!  So that's exactly what I did tonight.  My exercise for today was a crazy dance party in the living room with A: Best workout all week :)


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