Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's Gooptastic!

Today's recipe isn't one I would suggest you eat unless you are my 3 year old son who eats pretty much anything!  Yesterday I had 3 boys all age 3 for the morning and knew I needed some activities in my arsenal, so I searched my recipes and found something perfect: GOOP!  Not sure if you are familiar with goop, but it is an amazing creation that is solid when left sitting but becomes liquid when you touch it (I think it has something to do with the heat and oil on your skin but I'm not positive.)

The recipe couldn't be easier:

1. Pour 16oz cor starch into a pan and spread it evenly of the bottom of the pan(I use 9x13 tin foil baking pans so I can throw them away if they don't come clean).
2. Pour 2c water over the corn starch.
3. Mix and explore!

You can also add food coloring if you are brave, I wasn't lol!  I would suggest making this recipe outside so if it spills you can just hose it away.  Clean up is pretty easy since it just dissolves off of skin, clothes, concrete, etc...

You can see all the fun we had yesterday here!

Happy cooking!


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