Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I've got boogers and other things my son taught me this Valentine's Day

The past few weeks Little A has had a brutal cold.  It keeps coming back, annoying little virus that it is!!  That combined with some really exciting things going on for me I haven't had much time to sit down let alone post.  So today's post is just a few quick insights into the things my almost 3 year old little man has helped me to realize as of late.

1. Boogers are a very exciting thing! 
    Since this cold has joined out lives little man has learned to blow his nose like a big boy.  That does not mean however that the boogers stay in the tissue.  His new favorite this to do is announce in a very enthusiastic voice "I have boogers!!!" and then proceed to share them with whatever part of me he can reach.  (disclaimer: this is not Little A in the pic this is an image I found using a Google search for toddlers and boogers) 

    2. It is sometimes ok to eat a chocolate bar for breakfast!
     The past few morning Little A has woken up feeling kind of crummy due to his cold and he always asks for a mini chocolate bar for the car ride to daycare.  Most mornings I tell him no, but today I gave in.  This may not qualify me for mother of the year in most people's eyes, but to him it was the world's greatest gift.  He saw it as mommy responding to something he asked for and actually saying yes, yippee!!  He was so excited.  I figure as long as we don't do this every day it isn't that bad, and at least it was dark chocolate so it was sort of healthy right? :)

    3. I will never be perfect or be able to do every single thing I want to for Little A exactly the way I want to, but to him that doesn't matter!

    I have had a lot going on over the past few weeks personally, professionally and just in general.  There have been a few times, more than I care to admit, that I have not been the most "present" mom for Little A.  I admit, he watches WAY more tv than he should (look for a post on that next week!) and plays with things most people wouldn't consider toys like old phones, unplugged cords and surge protectors and old computers.  I question my effectiveness as a mom almost every minute of every day.  Then today I pick up Little A from daycare and he hands me a beautiful heart he made me with a very nice poem.  He tells me "Happy Valentimes Day Mommy I Love You" and I realized that even though I am not perfect, the most important person in my life still loves me and that is all that will ever matter!!

    So this is me wishing all of you days filled with boogers, chocolate and most of all LOTS of love be it imperfect or not!  Happy Valentine's Day!!



  1. Happy Day after Valentine's DaY A & M!!!!!!!!!!!


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