Sunday, September 16, 2012

Meal Planning Monday

Trying out a few new recipes this week, let's hope they are good!

Monday: Lemon Dill Salmon

Tuesday: Cheeseburger Pie (made with ground turkey)

Wednesday: Fajita Beef Stew (slow cooker) *New

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Pizza (I'm chaperoning the homecoming football game so this will be dinner without me!)

Saturday: Visiting Great Aunt so we will be eating out

Sunday: Apricot Ribs (slow cooker) *New

Breakfast: Chunky Monkey Pancakes

Dessert: Spice Cake made with applesauce instead of eggs/oil

Kid Friendly Corner: English Muffin Pizzas (To make ahead bake until cheese melts slightly to hold toppings, wrap in freezer paper and place in a freezer bag.  Then when you want to serve remove from freezer, unwrap and bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes or until cheese is completely melted.)


  1. we do meal planning here too. i honestly don't know what i'd do without it !
    I am hosting a blog hop today over at my blog :-)


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