Monday, September 17, 2012

Recipe Review: Pumpkin Butterscotch Muffins!!!  That is what I have to say about these AMAZING muffins from Mommy's Kitchen.  The original recipe is here.

I made very few changes to the original recipe.  I made them full size muffins as I was taking them to work to share with coworkers and wanted a more substantial snack to share.  I also doubled the recipe and I got 24 muffins total.  I did not serve them with the frosting.  Once I tasted the muffins, they are definitely sweet enough for my taste without the frosting, but you may want to add the frosting.  I will note that I have quite the sweet tooth though, and these were plenty sweet for a breakfast treat.  If I was planning to serve them as more of a cupcake I would use the frosting.

 I can not wait to make these again!  I am planning to make the mini version for Little A to take as a snack to daycare next week and these will make a great Thanksgiving morning breakfast treat.  Thanks Mommy's Kitchen for an awesome. low fat and super easy recipe!!


  1. They turned out great! I need to make full size muffins. We cleaned out the last batch and I made them witough the icing. So good with or without the icing.

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  3. I have never tried to bake a pumpkin but yet feel to try this one out because the sweetness of the pumpkin and when it's baked it gives a nice flavor.


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